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Activated carbon
CAS No.: 7440-44-0
Purity: 100%
Color: Black

1. Activated carbon is carbon with highly developed holes.
2. It offers large specific surface ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
1. As an external lubricant, stabilizer in rigid and flexible plastic independently in some cases and generally with other lead stabilizers for high heat ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Petroleum Resin
1. CAS: 68131-77-1; 64742-16-1
2. Character:
It is aromatic hydrocarbon resin, light yellow granular, with good transparency and luster, good solubility, ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Thiazoles Rubber Accelerator MBT(M)
Chemical Name: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole

Molecular Formula: C7H5NS2
Molecular Weight: 167.26
CAS No: 149-30-4

Properties: ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Rubber Antioxidant MB
Chemical Name: 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole

Molecular Formula: C7H6N2S
Molecular Weight: 105.16
CAS No: 583-39-1

Properties: White powder. No ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Rubber Antioxidant 1010
Chemical Name: Tetrakis[methylene-B-(3, 5-di-tert-buty1-4-hydroxyphenyl)-propionate[-methane
Molecular Formula: C73H108O12
Molecular Weight: 1176
CAS ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
LLDPE-Linear low density polyethylene
Model No.: Primary, recycling
CAS No.: 9002-88-4
HS: 3901902000

Houseweres, High gloss toys, Low thickness articles Blown ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Zirconium Silicate
1. Molecular formula: ZrSiO4
Appearance: White powder
CAS No. 10101-52-7
EINECS No.: 233-252-7

2. Specifications
1) Premium grade zirconium silicate
2) ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Cupric Oxide
1. CAS No.: 1317-38-0
Appearance: Black
Packaging Details: 25kg per bag

2. Materialize character: Dissoluble in water and ethanol. Dissoluble in diluent ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
CAS No.: 9002-89-5

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA); Poly(vinyl alcohol)
Polyvinyl alcohol has excellent film forming, and properties.
It is also resistant to ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Ferroniobium alloy
1. Composition: Fe, Nb+Ta, Ta, Al, Si, C, S, P, W, Mn, Sn, Pb, As, Sb, Bi, Ti
2. Brand: FeNb70, FeNb60-A,
3. Material: Ferro niobium concentrate ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Macroporous Weak Acid Cation Ion Exchange Resin D113
Purity: 98% min
Model Number: D113 Color: Yellow

The product is a type of cation exchange resin with the ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Soap Noodles
HS Code: 3401200000
Usage: Making detergent, cosmetic raw materials, detergent raw materials, such as toilet soap, laundry soap, transparent soap, washing powder and ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
High quality SBR reclaimed rubber
1. Volatile matter: 0.90% Ash: 0.50% Organic acid: 5.97% Soap: 0.50%

2. SBR 1502 characteristic:
Styrenebutadiene rubber 1502 generally ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
PVC Lead Stabilizer
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Product introduction:
Clean composite lead salt stabilizer, product characteristics this product is PVC with ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
HDPE-High Density Polyethylene
1. Other Names: -High Density Polyethylene
2. CAS No.: 9002-88-4
3. MF: (C2H4)N

5. Appearance: Translucent white
6. Application: Make ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
1. CAS: 2809-21-4
1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1, 1-Diphosphonic Acid
Molecular formula: C2H8O7P2 Relative molecular mass: 206.02

2. Product Property
HEDP is an ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Ferrovanadium is a significant additive in steelmaking industry.

Brief introduction:
Ferrovanadium which consists of vanadium and iron is widely used in steelmaking as the ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Borax Anhydrous
Borax pentahydrate
MF: Na2B4O7
Appearance: Colorless crystal
Use: Glass, enamel, ceramic, metal

2. CAS No.: 1330-43-4 EINECS No.: 215-540-4 HS: 2528100000 ...
Min. Order: 22 Tons
Copper Hydroxide
CAS: 20427-59-2; 1344-69-0
EINECS: 243-815-9; 215-705-0
Molecular formula: HCuO
Molecular weight: 80.5539

Copper Hydroxide 77% WP
Mode of Action: ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Ferro molybdenum
Composition: Fe, Mn, Si, S, P, C, Cu, Sb, Sn
Brand: FeMo70, FeMo70Cu1,
Size range: 10 to 150mm
Make stainless, heatresistant steel

Application: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Tribasic Lead Sulphate
Uses: Maily used as PVC heat stabilizers. Applicable to non-transparent rigid PVC pipe, sheet, injection molding products.
Min. Order: 5 Tons
HIPS-High impact polystyrene recycled/virgin granules

Advantage: Heat Insulation, Water-proof, Noise-elimination, Anti-corrosion, Anti-aging, Light-weight, High Compressive ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Nickel oxide
Molecular formula: NiO
Molecular weight: 74.70

Usage: It is mainly used as stainer for glass, ceramic and porcelain. Also, it is used for magnetic material, ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Zirconium sand is usually colorless and transparent crystal state
Hardness 7.8, specific gravity 4.6-4.71, 1.93-2.01 refra
Zircon sand
1. Factory price and good quality
2. ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons
Praseodymium oxide
Formula: Pr6O11
CAS No.: 12037-29-5
Appearance: Brown powder
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly ...
Min. Order: 3 Tons
Cerium oxide
CEO2/tre: 99.9%-9.999%
Formula: CEO2
Appearance: Light yellow powder or white power

Application: Mainly used as the glass decolorizing agent and the glass ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Copper carbonate-Cupric carbonate
Name: Cupric carbonate basic, Copper carbonate hydroxide, Cupric subcarbonate
Copper carbonate basic, Bremen blue, Bremen green
Molecular ...
Min. Order: 5 Tons